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Letter to My Family (Long Lost Letters)

June 6, 2009

Recently found a letter I’d written to my family in November…

Dear Family,

So, no one’s really asked me, but y’all know me[1] and I’m putting in my two cents here.

1. I wish we would all (including me) communicate more.

2. I wish Mom would stop pre-empting meaningful conversations by sending emails to Dad instead of letting Audrey and Nancy bring up the topic in person.

3. I wish Dad wouldn’t show personal emails about his daughter sent by his ex-wife to his girlfriend, lest Margot be shown in a bad light that may or may not be true to someone she barely knows, dig?

4. I wish we could all give people the benefit of the doubt. Rather than listening to 2nd, 3rd, even 4th person gossip, we should all make our own opinions on our own, based on fact and direct experience.

5. I wish I was going to see Dad and Lauren and Nancy in Chicago this weekend.

6. I agree with Nancy.

7. I agree with Nancy.

8. We all could learn something about maturity from Nancy.

9. For better or for worse, we have an EXTENDED family now. I think that’s fly!

10. Accepting people for who they takes a helluva lot less energy than being miserable and hateful.

11. I wish you would all forgive me for being me. Not trying to be up on the soapbox here, but come on, we’re all essentially good people, we ALL have flaws, and we can do this.

Love you all. Call me, email me, txt me, Twitter me, check out my blog. (And Dad, you’ve got a phone call coming. It’s been too long.)

Love, Me

[1] My father has described me as “confrontational”. And certainly no one in my family thinks I’m shy.