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Bill O’Reilly’s San Francisco Is Scary!

November 18, 2008

It’s a funny little piece he made here.

Neon signs! Pawn shops! Transgendered people!

And the residents are tolerant of this?

Outrage! Or wait, no outrage. I’m outraged by this lack of outrage!

Conde Nast Traveler disagrees, of course, despite “the dark underbelly that seeps into every neighborhood”.

One warning I’ll agree with: “Don’t go to the Presidio at night.” Those Great Horned Owls are fuh-reaky.

Oh, P.S. The Tenderloin is the Tenderloin (downtown, just west of Union Square) and North Beach is North Beach (uh, north of downtown, north of Union Square and north of Chinatown). They are two separate neighborhoods. North Beach is not “the Tenderloin District”.

This is a map.

This is a map.