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French Tuesdays at Harlot

March 27, 2008

Some photographs from French Tuesdays at Harlot. It was a masquerade, and one of the best parties for me, as of late. I brought M., naturally only to find out Mr. Yacht wasn’t happy about it.

This is silly, because Mr. Yacht and I went on no more than one date, during the day, to go look for Art Nouveau posters for his home. Apparently he was also offended when I corrected him for mispronouncing my name.

Please. Who would think a man his age could act like such a baby?

Now I’m being silly. We can all act like babies at times.

My dress is Diane Von Furstenberg. I wish I had a shot of my Etro shoes, they’re deep Burgundy satin wedges. Love.

I think Natalia looks very smart, though I’m not sure who she is wearing.