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At Twenty-seven, Seventeen, Seven: 27

September 17, 2008

Finally, my answers at 27 (from the questions I was asked at 7 & 17)…

When I grow up, I would like to be an artist because that’s what I do best.

Things I like to do with my mom & dad are:

  1. Eat fancy dinners
  2. Have relatively drama-free conversations

On my birthday:

I woke up and started work at 7am. Then I rushed to the office to deliver the first stage of a particular project. My coworkers had set a Red Velvet Cake cupcake and a bowl of fruit at my desk, along with a Starbucks card.

I left at 3pm and decided to walk around downtown, first stopping in Patrick & Co. for an errand and then strolling along Maiden Lane, windowshopping, and finally purchasing a pair of Prada distressed grey loafers with a kitten heel (my gift to myself).

I took a short nap at home and woke to Jack, who came in and lie down with me for awhile. We then realized we’d be late for our reservations at Aqua (my favorite restaurant), so we got a move on. M picked us up and off we went to the Financial District.

Aqua was splendid, as usual. I had foie gras with huckleberries and then sturgen and veal boulanaise. A creative plate of fig pastry for dessert. I love meals that last over two hours.

After Jack and I got home to my place, we were wiped, so we lay in bed, talking softly until we fell asleep.

It was, bar none, the loveliest birthday I’ve ever had.

My two best friends are:

M., Nancy

Probably the closest I'll get to a school portrait these days. Photography by Polly Cole.

Probably the closest I'll get to a school portrait these days. Photograph by Polly Cole.

Favorite things:




TV show Mad Men

movieThe Red Shoes

presentan heirloom necklace from my Ukrainian grandmother

ice creamHaagen Daaz peanut butter & chocolate


gameTexas Hold’em, chess, Scrabble

clothesmy best-fitting pair of jeans, my new Chucks, a long black sleevless undershirt and sometimes my fur coat, I also adore my Celine handbag, my new pink dress from Jack, and my 200 pairs of shoes

restaurantconfirmed last night, it is still Aqua in San Francisco on California Street

automobileI don’t have one of my own anymore, so my favorite is Jack’s Triumph GT6


song“Gimme Some Salt” Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

At school work I like to pretend I am alone.

This year I am collecting strange bits of evidence.

What I like least about school work is Mean Boss.

My favorite holiday this year was Labor Day (off).

If I could go anywhere I wanted to, I would be on the next flight to Spain with Jack.

The best party all year was Stellar: the 1st Annual San Francisco Fashion Awards

I consider my dancing ability to be in need of some excuses to practice.

Year: 2008

City: San Francisco

State: California

Age: 27

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 120ish