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Foto Friday

August 14, 2009

A sweet cherry ride I saw in the Marina. Who doesn’t love cherry on pink?


What we did this week:

  • Future Ex-Boyfriend and I did a little cavorting around North Beach, ate at Cafe Divine. As Chowhound’s review said, “perfectly acceptable”. The service was very sweet. (NOTE: Miguel took me there first and wanted to make sure Future Ex didn’t get undue credit. So there you have it. Apparently that time I had quiche which was terrific but the service was terrible.) Also, next door is one of the last brick-and-mortar movie rental places in the City, Film Yard Video. They have a section organized by director, which I take to quite well. We got New York Stories so I finally got to see Scorsese’s “Life Lessons”. Spectacular filmmaking.
  • On Monday we interviewed Sexpigeon and his blog, which turned one this week. He’s a pretty cool dude. Go check it out, and look for the full article next week.
  • Miguel and I desperately tried to make it to French Tuesdays this week, but were foiled again and ended up watching The Kite Runner. I really loved the cinematography of the kites.
  • Last night Andy Warhol and I went to Ivana Ristic’s art show opening, HERstory, curated by the always lovely Danielle Cohen of Missing Piece. Ristic splits her time between here and Serbia, where she was born and raised. The show is small but impressive, highlighting her fashion design. The exhibition consists of three elements: illustration which present Ristic’s vision of deconstructing menswear and creating feminine garments, photography presenting the clothes as they are worn, and video installation showing an abstraction of the design philosophy. It’s pretty impressive and runs through August 27th at the DesignGuildSF at 427 Bryant Street. There are also ready-to-wear items off the rack, and very reasonably priced for one-of-a-kind items. So go.

Happy Friday everyone!