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Today’s Findings 8-29-09

August 29, 2009


  • From Harper’s:
    • Chances that a U.S. college student in May [2009] reported feeling “down, depressed, or hopeless”: 2 in 5
    • Percentage change between winter 2008 and winter 2009 in sales at the goth- and punk-themed retail chain Hot Topic: +13
    • Minimum number of U.S. spas that have packages targeted at teenagers: 3,470
    • Average number of body waxes that one New York spa performs on preteens each week: 15
  • “We want you, the nice guy, to rebel against your rules and just do what feels right.  Take control of the situation and tell us that this is fucking it, you are in love with me.” A San Francisco love story from Tales From the Tenderloin. Beautiful, shot-from-the-hip writing: This Is Fucking It You Are In Love With Me.
  • Has your USB port been smelling “less than fresh”?
  • I wish it stormed in San Francisco, too. Especially on these hot days. Back in sweet home Chicago, that was the best. Via Mission Mission.
  • Oh hey look! Instead of going to Burning Man, you could go to miniature Balsa Man. I like things that are mini. Via Intellectual Properties