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Saturday Linky-Links

September 27, 2008

Taylor Marsh: BREAKING: Clinton Announces General Election Grassroots Push “Hillary Sent Me”

From the Huffington Post
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Oh God, Part I

No seriously, hes ordained.

No seriously, he's ordained.

An interesting, brutally honest (and quite funny) account of why we choose the churches we do (or choose not to go).

From Suburban Turmoil.

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The Inside Story of the Android Font

Do we like it? I say, not bad.But if you don’t like it, too bad because you can’t change it.

From Gizmodo

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Now That Makes Sense!

Instead of giving $85B to AIG, let’s give $85B to American taxpayers! If only. A girl can dream.

From Voenix Rising.

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The Joy of (Animal) Fat

Yum. Sidenote: Have I mentioned my love for foie gras?

From CHOW: The Grinder.

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I GOT IT!!!!!

Truly stupendous photography from Miss Goldstein.

From Dana Lauren Goldstein.

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Enjoy! xx