about the girl

Ew. I recently reread what was here and it was rather sappy.

So, perhaps the first thing you should know about me is that I can be sappy. But I’m also a fantastic editor.

Anyway, here are some juicy tidbits, stats really, about me:

  • Name: Yes, most people know me by my last name. Yes, I generally get asked about that J.D. Salinger book.
  • Occupation #1: (Yes, there are a few. It depends on the day.) I own a start-up with my sister, Nancy. We make fancy organic baby shampoo. No, we don’t actually “make” it, like, in vats in a garage…we leave it to the scientists at our lab. We don’t own the lab, but that would be awesome. I should say we market baby products, but that sounds like we’re pretty disconnected from our stuff and that’s not true. I love our products. I use them every day. My hair is glorious. You can bet dollars to donuts that when we do our retail launch I will post our site all over and up and down this blog.
  • Occupation #2: Artist. Yes, working artist. Yes, people pay me to make things of a creative nature for them. But I also make art because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t.
  • Occupation #3: Freelance fashion-industry person. I was a model then a CD, I make photographies, choreograph and stage-manage fashion shows.
  • Addictions: Nicotine, espresso, French pastries, foie gras, Flickr, the squeezed-before-your-eyes orange juice at this market in Russian Hill
  • Sign: Virgo.
  • Sex: Positive.
  • Hobbies: Aquarium gazing, crossword puzzles, being sassy, attempting to make my hipster-ishness less obvious, which only makes it more obvious.
  • From: Chicago. Where awesome people come from.
  • Transportation: Muni LOVE.
  • Things Most People Don’t Know About Me: A Listography here.

I’m sure I’ll think of a million other random facts, but this should really suffice for now. If not, let me know. I do have a private life, but…oh, well, who am I kidding…I’m pretty much an open book.

Thanks for being here with me.






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