Who Says I Cannot? Who Says We Should Not?

What I don’t think enough people realize is that people like Rosa Parks and Harvey Milk did not just represent Black people or LGBT people, they represent and stood up for (or sat down for, in Parks’ case) all of us who want to exist in a society that is free from unnecessary human suffering and free of the fear to be who you are.

They are civil rights leaders, Feminists, undocumented workers, immigrants, refugees, women, people with disabilities, and a whole host of those of us in the subaltern group. So many of us, in fact, that the more we realize how strong we are together, the more we see our similarities in a vision for this condition of a world, the more difficult it’s going to be to stop the change we’re making.

We cannot be afraid. We cannot afford to be afraid.

Parks and Milk understood the dangers that came with their decisions and they said, No We Are Not Going To Take This Anymore.

Let’s all think of a way we can demonstrate, whether through a simple private act or through organization, that we are stronger than our numbers and that for every one of us there are more and more and more than enough us than of those who stand in our way, whether through ignorance, their own fear and misguidance or hatred.

I thought of these things tonight, when I walked the street alone. And it was comforting to know this wasn’t really so.


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One Response to “Who Says I Cannot? Who Says We Should Not?”

  1. Matte Says:

    Coverage of the Prop. 8 protests outside the great Mormon temple last year described the demonstrators as “gays and lesbians,” but did not mention sympathizers. One video I watched had the reporter surrounded by rainbow signs, but when a guy came in the shot with “separate church and state,” he was quickly pushed out.
    If you are going to protest, publicly, its good to be self-conscious and anticipate the way professional media and your intended audience, whether hostile or indifferent, are looking for ways to reduce and dismiss.


    I haven’t been radically nice to anyone today.

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