Pig Party

I’m sick and I’m sick of it. But I called my dad and we agreed I do not have swine flu, nor any other flu. I’m just a baby.

But, WebMD cracks me up again. Here is some real advice from them:

3. Don’t hold or attend a swine flu party.

The guest of honor at a swine flu party is someone who’s got swine flu. The point is for other guests to catch the virus in the hopes that they’ll have a mild illness and gain immunity so that they won’t get sick if the H1N1 virus worsens.

Maybe I’m not so much laughing at WebMD as I am at people. People do this? What?

That’s a bad idea, according to the CDC, because there’s no way to know whether swine flu will be severe or fatal in swine flu party guests — or anyone else that they, in turn, infect.


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  1. tangobaby Says:

    Oh lord. That’s really too much.

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