Sneak Sneaky Peek Tease

I hadn’t planned on blogging while on my very-much-so-needed vacation, but I’m too excited to keep my mouth shut.

Changes are coming. To this blog, to my life and plans and direction. The whole point of jetting out of SF to come to this little island for two weeks was not, as I often joked, to create a mini-version of Grey Gardens with my mother and our dogs, but to make myself some space and time to reevaluate some of the direction of what art I’ve created, and where I want to go.

I turned 28 a couple of days ago and revisited some of the life goals and to-do-before-I’m-30 stuff that swims around in my notes and my fear and my inspiration boards and obsessive listographies. Thirty years is an arbitrary age, but I think picking a time frame can be motivating. I’ve repeated for years a saying which I’m probably butchering (and have no idea to whom I should attribute): I can’t work under pressure, but without it I can’t work at all.

So, ya know. Tick-tock.

I haven’t written publicly yet about being laid off from my little “safety” job as a secretary, but that’s how my August ended. My sister and my business is still in early-growth and we’re not taking salaries for ourselves yet.

So, things are really quite scary right now.

A good portion of my professional life has been a bit on accident. I certainly never thought, while studying for an MFA that I’d be working in commercial real estate. I never thought I’d be a model or work in the fashion industry at all. I never thought I’d have a skincare business.

I most certainly believe in taking advantage of whatever comes your way. Despite my battles with panic, I have never, in my life, shied from an opportunity to do something new and different and challenging on a professional level.

The constant is art, writing and design.

So we’re getting rid of fear and excuses around here and making room for a totally new project. I’m rallying the troops. The work I’m about to create for myself is going to be nothing less than grueling. But it’s also going to be the first step in creating a destiny, rather than grabbing at what bits of sugar float my way.

I know a lot of this is vague and it’s also kinda cheesy sounding, but there is a serious plan forming behind all the new-agey rhetoric, and I am often a goofy girl. I cannot wait to make some proof for the pudding. Love love love.



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  1. Lorin Rivers Says:

    Just started following your blog. Steady!

    Anyway, please yourself, perfect is the enemy of the good, and so on.

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