Foto Friday

What Happened This Week

  • Monday I had coffee with Diana.
  • Tuesday was rough. Nancy and I have had some disagreements about The Biz, which always seems healthy once they’re resolved, but this time the stress level is a bit higher. She’s stressed. I’m stressed. Once again I had to miss French Tuesdays to work shit out. Trying to keep my chin up.
  • I’m dating a vegan. Can you believe?

What We’re Not Doing This Weekend

  • Going to Outside Lands. I love M.I.A. and all, but $90 a ticket a day is just not worth it. Suckers.

What We Are Doing This Weekend

  • BANG THE DRUM. Free. Blackalicious. “No wack attire”. In.
  • Seeing Bryant‘s shoegaze band at the Hemlock. For the record, I am not a shoegaze fan, but we gotta support poets. Plus, I think it’s been over a year since I’ve seen that bastard.
  • Getting our ass to the beach. Splashing around and whatnot. Our allotted three days of summer in San Francisco are here.

Happy Friday everyone! xx – Holden


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2 Responses to “Foto Friday”

  1. Lee Says:

    Hiero and Blackalicious are going to be there? :O And it’s free? I’m down! But I start school on August 31st. Why does it say Sunday? The 31st is a monday. It WILL be on sunday though, right?

  2. Lee Says:

    Oh. Scratch that. Outdated info. So it’s on August 30th then?

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