Today’s Findings 8.26.09


  • Quote of the day: “In San Francisco there’s none of this fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me bullshit. Like Chuck Norris, a San Franciscan only gets fooled once before they are forced to write an unfavorable Yelp! review.” SF Appeal’s Ramona Emerson is my new hero.
  • Starting a business with your sister is hard. We made some headway this morning. Accountability and planning are so very important.
  • W00t for me. I have an interview this week. What? You thought that start-up was paying my bills? ROTFL-copter.
  • This manifesto against rape is interesting, putting the burden on the shoulders of men and/or would-be rapists. “Only Rapists Can Prevent Rape” via {generic_}, who has a thoughtful response as well.
  • My favorite thing today: Remember The Milk online and on your iPhone. The one “GTD” app that I’ve found works for me. Worth it, every penny.

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  1. Lee Says:

    I lol’d.I loved that list on rape. Totally sexist, but humorous nonetheless. Even though it is statistically proven that men rape women most often….

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