I Don’t Even Smoke Clove Cigarettes


The scented/flavored cigarette ban? Oh, yeah, it was Phillip Morris’ idea. Note, however, that “mint-flavored”, also known as menthol will NOT be banned, because, duh, 28% of cigarettes sales are for menthols.

I’m hardly the only one who’s pissed: check out Spaceships & Kool-Aid. I like that girl.


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One Response to “I Don’t Even Smoke Clove Cigarettes”

  1. jbtiv Says:

    Yeah, really. What a waste of tax-payer money legislating this kind of bullshit. I thought those Repubs supported individual liberty and want to let the “free market” decide what’s good for the country.

    I wonder if this covers the rainbow of flavored rolling papers that are out there. If so, then I guess that’ll be an additional crime they can add onto kids rap sheets when they’re busted smoking mango blunts.

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