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findings by Kristen Holden

  • Sans the last misogynist paragraph, this is a thoughtful and intriguing piece about a pending case including such barn burners as Everywoman v. Google as “David v. Goliath”, and First Amendment rights, as well as what “reasonable expectations of anonymity” are, on the internet: “Outed ‘Skanks in NYC’ blogger to sue Google” from Chris Matyszczyk at CNET.
  • Julie at Tangobaby has a bona-fide San Francisco Love Story right over here. Worth it just for the first image. Swoon.
  • If you didn’t like Anthony Bourdain‘s recent food findings in SF, you might like Adam Richman’s take on the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food. Tomorrow’s episode is set in the City and covers the Mission’s Taqueria La Cumbre, Ike’s Place and Walnut Creek’s (?!) San Francisco Creamery. So, watch it tomorrow (9pm 10pm PST or online “full episodes are not available for viewing on, BUT you can purchase them through iTunes for $1.99 or stream through Netflix” if you don’t have cable TV like me) and then let’s do what we do best, fellow SF snobs: judge this mofo. Here’s a teaser:
  • Is San Francisco Fashion Week back? This is so strange…
    • The first three SF Fashion Weeks were produced by Erica Gessin. From what I can tell, she has nothing to do with this proposed production.
    • The site dates the week for 2009-2010, but all spring/summer collections have already been shown. Will it be a fall/winter show happening in spring 2010?

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