Love Story Secrets REVEALED! The Few Things We Don’t Like About San Francisco!

Well, I’ve got one. I’m sure this list will get updated. It is not blind-love I have for our fair City.

  1. I cannot get a pack of cigarettes at 12:43am. Barcelona, New York, Paris, Madrid, Chicago and many more! all make this possible. How hard can it be? Thanks, Gav, for making Walgreens stop selling them. Maybe you should make them stop selling the junk-food aisle and the chemical earth-raping aisle, too. Also, Folger’s Coffee (that shit will kill you). Bitch.

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4 Responses to “Love Story Secrets REVEALED! The Few Things We Don’t Like About San Francisco!”

  1. M Harkin Says:

    Actually, you can thank my (our) very progessive supervisor Ross Mirkarimi for introducing and pushing law. If you do some research you will find that he has said something to the effect of “he wants cigarette sales banned everywhere” in San Francisco. His district includes upper and lower Haight, where pot can be purchased around the clock…

  2. M Harkin Says:

    “Whatever we can do to make this country a smoke-free zone, we should do it,” said Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi.

  3. Christine Says:

    That’s why there are Peachy’s Puffs! Granted, the markup on their cigs is steep, but they’re always around until 2 or 3am, and their services fall into a marvelous “grey area” that isn’t covered by the city’s fascist smoking ban.

  4. plumpy Says:

    What? Can’t you just get smokes at any corner market? Or gas station? Or Safeway?

    Where do you live? By my house there are several late night corner markets and gas stations but the Walgreens closes early! I am out of luck for 3am Hydrogen Peroxide. FUCK

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