Today’s Findings

  1. “It’s like high school all over again.” A map of Dolores Park to find out where you belong, here, courtesy of Flickr user aynne.
  2. I write reviews from time to time, but find Yelp to be a little sketch. But this is outright frightening. From SFist.
  3. Well that was nice.
  4. Beth Spotswood is 9 months sober. Go tell her she’s awesome. My dad is three years sober. I’d tell you to go tell him he’s awesome, but he doesn’t have a blog. Canyoubelieve? (If you’re on the wag like the rest of us, lemme know and I’ll celebrate your anniversary too. Because it’s fun. And I like you.)
  5. I’m not the only one with a blog about me me me under the guise of a blog about my love affair with San Francisco. Ha. But seriously, for real, this is adorable. I’m kinda pissed I didn’t think of it first. Via Eye On Blogs.
  6. Food and sex. That is GOOD.
  7. If orthorexia is a real thing, then every woman in my neighborhood has it. Except me, of course, I stay thin by a strict diet of coffee and cigarettes. But seriously, how San Francisco is this? Anyone you know? Everyone you know?
  8. Speaking of thin and such, can we stop photographing models as dead people? This is from VOGUE’s September issue, but trust me the dead pretty girl thing has been going on for about ten years and I’m over it. I hesitated even putting the shot in here as an example. Here’s a fun game: attune yourself to fashion ads and see how many dead girls you see this week. Maybe when rape and domestic violence stops being a national state of emergency in the U.S. I could get into the aesthetic. But until then…it just makes me feel icky.
  9. OK, that was depressing. Need antidote. Though it’s street fashion/portraiture and not editorial, Mai at Fashionist is a rockstar. She photographs women as women. Like, you know, people. Fashionable people. We heart her because of this:

and this:

and this:



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5 Responses to “Today’s Findings”

  1. NicW Says:

    I’m a North-leaning A, with some tendencies towards H depending on the hipster-douchery. You?

    * * *

    Buenos tardes NicW,

    If you imagine a convex two-dimensional arc from the north between A and C (careful to avoid B) and bisect it, that’s where I be.

    xx – Holden

  2. Beth Spotswood Says:

    Awwww, thanks!

  3. Lee Says:

    I remember when I was orthorexic. Back when I was that anxious kid.

  4. mai Says:

    thanks kristen! i appreciate the props.

  5. amy.leblanc Says:

    i jokingly diagnosed myself with orthorexia back in 2002, and discovered then that there’s a rehab book:

    all jokes aside, though, is health obsession an excuse for anorexia or it’s own thing? i don’t know, but i know a few women who are terrified to eat anything if they can’t confirm where it was grown, how, and what it’s nutritive value is. i think about it every single time i buy/order food. but i don’t necessarily let it keep me from eating.

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