Foto Friday

It’s hard for me to believe I spent four years in Santa Cruz and never learned how to surf. It’s one of my few regrets. Anyone interested in taking me out for a lesson, I’m game. Let’s go.

What we did this week:

  • Last weekend Miguel and I attended the wedding of two of his friends in Half Moon Bay. The drive down was gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. If you’ve popped into my Flickr at all this week, you can see for yourself. We stayed at the new Oceano Hotel and Spa, which is not bad. The suites are quite roomy and the beds are enormous.
  • Sunday we spent the day driving back up the coast via Highway One (or as I learned to call it in Santa Cruz, “The One”. It’s also officially called Pacific Coast Highway and in Southern California they refer to it as PCH, which is so terribly unpoetic). It is the most beautiful highway in the United States. And I’ve been on road trips all around the country, so yeah, I know my American highways and whatnot.
  • Sunday is also Chillween*, so we plonked ourselves on the couch and watched the television all evening.
  • Lots and lots of working this week for Favorbaby.
  • Saw Dr. S (the psychiatrist) on Tuesday and let her know that, after four weeks of consideration, I think the amount of medication I’m taking for my panic disorder is just fine. She really wanted to add this other drug, but too many ingredients in one cocktail never works. Even in long island ice teas, which are tacky anyway.
  • Saw Dr. M on Wednesday and we decided that it was the right time for me to take a break from therapy. She’ll be going on maternity leave soon anyway. So I’m on my own! Lock your doors, crazy girl on the loose!
  • Future Ex Boyfriend came over Wednesday night and we went to Osha Thai on Union. Pretty good, but damn that place is LOUD. It wasn’t even full. Later we relived our junior/high school years and dusted off my copy of Dazed and Confused. Still funny, and I love Parker Posey to pieces, but it’s just not as exciting as it was that very first summer I watched it in junior high school. Those kids were so cool then.
  • I finally got ahold of mum to wish her a happy birthday. Only two more weeks and then I’m off to meet her in Nantucket! I’ll be spending my birthday there (ahem, September 16th, ahem) having a clambake on the beach with the two dogs and family (and perchance any cuties I meet on the island).

Happy Friday everyone!

xx – Kristen Holden

* Hat tip to The Wind In Your Vagina.


3 Responses to “Foto Friday”

  1. Lee Says:

    You’ve never tried surfing? How can you have lived in the bay area and never tried it at least once? :O

    Haha it’s cool though. You should totally learn. It’s fun, as I’m sure you can imagine.

  2. Lee Says:

    How are you doing by the way? Specifically with managing your anxiety?
    I’m going to feel like a douchebag if you were pretty much getting over it, but me posting this ocmment made you think about it or something and you relapsed. I probably shouldn’t say that either…

    Anyways, hope you’re doing fine.

    * * *

    Hi Lee!

    Yah. I am doing quite well, considering I’m officially a broke-ass stuart(TM). Panic is a very strange thing. I’m finally figuring out how to just feel it without judgment. Which, of course, makes it kinda show up less. I suppose I can do all the intellectual learning about the disorder very quickly, but it takes some time for that information to become natural. It’s getting to be more natural. I’m aware this all sounds very vague, but it’s the best way I can describe it for now.

    Re-reading some of my best loved literature, especially feminist literature, has put my self-worth back on track, as has considering how I may not fit into certain “systems” a value-less thing.

    You know, I’m OK, you’re OK.


  3. kimmi Says:

    Where’s that sexpigeon interview?

    * * *

    Hi Kimmi,

    I love you and all but SF Love Story has been “understaffed” as of late, so the Sexpigeon article has been postponed. However, do not fear! It should reasonably appear within the next few days, or so, if we feel like it.

    xx – Holden

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