I’ve Been Listening To(o) [Week 32]

  1. This Time Tomorrow – The Kinks
  2. Artichoke – Cibo Matto
  3. La Primavera – Manu Chao
  4. I Love Paris – Louis Armstrong
  5. I’ll Never Smile Again – Priscilla Ahn


One Response to “I’ve Been Listening To(o) [Week 32]”

  1. Kyle Bowman Says:

    Thank you Thank you for all the good smiles and hiccup laughs I got from your readings. Perhaps there is a study out there on how I could not handle a coffee conversation with you…Assuming they have done the 80 year research involved in documenting it as an opinionated fact, of coures.

    Happy Weekends!
    (Happy Birthday in 25 days early!..all the way from middle america)

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