Foto Friday

Last Sunday was the much anticipated Stellar: 2nd Annual San Francisco Fashion Awards, put on by our dear friend Del Geronimo.

It was my absolute pleasure to present photographer Kyle Hailey with the “Best Photographer” award. Congratulations, Kyle.

Other winners included Jasmin Zorlu Millinery for “Best Accessories Designer” (she makes beautiful hats), Bad Unkl Sista for best costume design, and our love, Miss Amy LeBlanc and her blog Intellectual Properties for best fashion blogger.

We’re pretty stoked for Amy, because (a) she is a badass and (b) her blog is so much more than fashion, and her take on style is absolutely unique. She writes about winning the award (including some misgivings) here.

Despite the sunny-cold weather, the event was even better than last year. San Francisco fashion is difficult to pin down, and is often the butt of New Yorkers’ jokes, but this girl loves the style of SF that is at once silly and irreverent, beautiful and cheeky, and mostly, fun.

Happy Friday everyone!

xx – Holden


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  1. amy.leblanc Says:

    the badass compliment is definitely appreciated coming from someone who recently kicked a belligerent dude off muni.

    i voted for you, every time.

    dinner soon, please.


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