Le W.E.E.K.E.N.D. – Chicago Edition Part I

I know it’s almost this weekend, but I’m just catching up with last weekend’s loveliness. Miguel and I (along with Nancy and Audrey and their respective entourages) jetted off to Chicago for my dad‘s wedding to Margot.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?


On zero hours of sleep, and a shuttle trip at 4:00 a.m., I have discovered the Secret Hipster Sleeping Section at SFO. Great at 5:00 a.m. Just like the Admiral’s Club! There were no less than six hipsters sleeping in between these block things, stuck in the back.

We stayed at the Sofitel in Chicago. Rather stunning architecture.

I promptly went to our room and took serious siesta while Miguel and my sisters went off to a Wrigleyville bar to watch the Cubs lose.

Showered and refreshed, we were off to the rehearsal dinner at Wildfire in the ‘burbs.

Dinner was lovely, my sisters and I made a toast. Later, Nancy said that our one-two-three punch was rather indicative of our personalities, despite the fact (or maybe because) we winged it.

I can barely remember what I said, but I’m told it was thoughtful and intelligent. Nancy got about one sentence in and the waterworks began, and Audrey got in some real roasty toasty barbs at the expense of my “pushing 60” dad (and all the other old people). Only she can get away with that stuff. Hilarious.

When we got back to the city, all the “kids” went to a club called English. Not a bad spot. Stupid loud, but when they started playing the vintage Michael Jackson and I got my dance on, it didn’t really matter.


The Sofitel beds are dreamy-comfortable. Sleeping in was no problem. Miguel and I rolled into a lovely brunch spot down the street. You don’t even know how cheap restaurants are compared to SF. Eggs benedict for nine bucks?! Awesome.

I represent. Wut WUT.

After brunch, Miguel went back to the hotel while I did a bit of shopping and finally found an adorable black jersey jumper, which I really hope to be able to wear when it gets a bit warmer here.


Then, time to get it together! We were told to be ready by four for two hours of photographs.

All dressed up, and a quick portrait.

We went up to my dad’s room, blaring the Cubs game (of course).

And the hired gun showed up. Here with my Uncle D.

The groom’s party then headed out to the park next to the hotel for photographs.

What a bore. My sisters and I just hate posing for the camera.

Can’t stand it.

This is one of my two favorite shots from the weekend. Audrey is so naturally photogenic it kills me.

My dapper dad.

Obviously, Dad has an aversion to mugging as well.

I’ll save you the rest of the two hours. No worries, I have a zillion photos on my Flickr.

Back inside for the ceremony.

I thought it was tacky for the eldest daughter in the front row (me) to take photographs during the ceremony, so I refrained. Dad and Margot had a more or less traditional Jewish ceremony, the rabbi was sweet (missed his calling perhaps as a stand-up comedian), and Nancy and Audrey shed a few tears. I didn’t cry. Admittedly, it was a little bizarre, and I couldn’t help but think of my mum. We sent her flowers and made her promise to take a spa day.

Thank god for short ceremonies. I think they clocked 20 minutes, which is perfect. My father’s first wedding (to my mother) was an Ukrainian Orthodox ceremony and those go on for like three hours (no joke, I’ve attended Orthodox weddings myself).

Margot’s event planning skills (she works as an event planner for the ABA) were admirable: the ceremony was in the hotel and afterward, the party moved to a cocktail hour while the staff completely transformed the same hall into the reception. Bravo. In a blink, we were back in.

If I ever get married (which I won’t)*, this is exactly the way I’m doing it. Easy peasy.

Pretty nice, eh?

Dinner was lovely. Above, our dear honorary-sister Elise and her dashing brother (Elise is spoken for, but Geoffrey is available I believe. Ladies.)

The best part (another planning stroke of genius) was that there was dancing in between each course! How fun is that? No time for awkwardness, work off a couple of calories, keep the energy up, fantastique!

My other favorite photo. How can you not love the hora?

Don’t let Miguel tell you he can’t dance.

A truly terrific party. I will admit to being a grammy and going to bed before midnight while the kids went out and played until the wee hours. I called it a disco-nap, and I did make a late night appearance when everyone got back to the hotel, so I guess that counts.

* Then again, I’ve said this before and changed my mind a few times, so no one freak out.

Coming up…playtime in my second-favorite city! The Shedd Aquarium, The Second City, hot dogs, silliness.


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