We’re Joining Infinite Summer

The lovely and talented Brittney Gilbert is taking on the Infinite Summer Challenge, which is reading, in its entirely, and understanding David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.

The Infinite Summer site, which I’ve only glazed over to get prepared thus far, promises to be a truly inspired and innovative companion to the text. Links to backgrounds, companion book suggestions, handy tips to reading the book (e.g. bookmarking page 234 as a reference for the entire book), which I’d never thought to employ during my first (mostly failed) reading.

It’s like an autodidactic grad school class that is free instead of say, $5,000 per credit! (And trust me, most of grad school is autodidactic anyway, where professors are more guides than teachers or lecturers…not that I don’t love you, SMC MFA faculty!)

The whole shebang begins June 21st, so you can still join us. It will be fun! Let’s all be the kind of hipster nerds who’ve actually read the damn thing.


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  1. brittney Says:

    Yeah! So glad you will be tackling this brick with me.

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