Items: Boogaloos, Spring Cleaning, Lazy Sunday & Birthday Love

The weekend was lovely. I had a very nice brunch date with a German guy (I’ll have to think of a pseudonym…for now he’ll just be The German). We ate at Boogaloos in the Mission and I must say that the staff there is amazing about refilling coffee. This is important. No one wants to flag down a server for coffee, and refilling too often can be awkward, especially when you get the exact right mixture and temperature you want.

Anyway, gold stars for them.

We walked around the Mission for awhile, kind-of half-assed looking for a motorcycle helmet for me. I really need to get one…the more people I meet, the more I’m finding out they all secretly have motorcycles and I LOVE them.

* * *

I also did a full-down-and-dirty DEEP CLEAN of my apartment, which now smells like spring, finally. And not fakey-fake spring, I am addicted to Method products.

* * *

Miguel and I had a nice lazy Sunday after he returned from a fully debaucherous trip from, where else, Vegas. We went to Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store, which has excellent coffee and sandwiches. We stayed fully away from the North Beach Festival, too. Because we are smart.

* * *

Happy Birthday Darling Baby Sister!

Happy Birthday Darling Baby Sister!

It was Audrey‘s 21st birthday yesterday and, thanks to Nancy, it was splendid. Treasure Hunts, cupcakes, champagne. I wish I could have been there.

But a part of Dallas is coming to me in the form of the Holden Girls’ adopted sister (and Nancy’s BFF), Elise. She is a darling girl and I’m looking forward to entertaining her and her boyfriend this week…you’d be surprised how much Dallas girls love SF.

* * *

The week ahead looks quite busy. And I’m actually going to (for real this time) make an appearance at French Tuesdays tonight. See you there?


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2 Responses to “Items: Boogaloos, Spring Cleaning, Lazy Sunday & Birthday Love”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    zucker – German for sugar.

    It’s nice to have a good foreign nickname for a foxy dude.

  2. tk Says:

    I sort of love Boogaloos, but I just can’t take the waiting these days. True about the coffee refills, though. My problem is getting them to STOP refilling so I can finally finish a cup.

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