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TK’s blog is 40 going on 28, which you should most definitely read and he is @40goingon28 on The Twitter. TK and his “SHIG” (Super Hot Irish Girlfriend) tied the knot on Saturday! So, now, I think she is Super Hot Irish Wife.

So, y’all get two for one today! They tell their stories…

* * *

San Francisco Love Story


TK: One day about 20 years ago, I got on a BART train at the Walnut Creek station, rode into San Francisco, and changed my life forever.  Back then, in August of 1989, for complicated and possibly boring reasons, I was living temporarily in a sorority house on the UC Davis campus.

May18 013I know what you’re imagining and it wasn’t like a sitcom or porn at all. There weren’t any sorority sisters there, just a motley collection of people who were renting rooms by the month over the summer.  Me and my then-girlfriend were two of them.  I had just graduated from college and was kind of just traveling around the country and whatnot.

So at that point I had never been to SF and we got on the train and got off at Civic Center and I vividly remember riding the escalator up and the first thing I saw was a guy drinking a Coors tall boy out of a paper bag and the next thing I saw was Fox Plaza and for some unknown reason the first thing I thought was “Man!!!  I really want to live here!!!”  Swear.  To.  God.

What happened after that is almost incidental.  We took a 7 or a 71 – I don’t remember – to the Haight and walked around, because we were little proto-hippies and that’s what proto-hippies or anyone who comes to SF for the first time when they’re 21 years old does.

Where Hobson’s Choice is now on the corner of Haight and Clayton was then this bar called Achilles Heel and we sat in the window and had some drinks and then walked around some more and eventually went back to Davis and the summer ended and I went back to Richmond, Virginia, where I was living at the time and from that day forward, I was focused on one thing – moving to San Francisco.

I got a second job cleaning banks at night for a janitorial company and saved (easy, BTW, when your rent is $250 a month) and saved and made it here on October 15, 1990.  And, with the exception of a brief and unhappy sojourn in Santa Cruz which we need not go into, I’ve been here ever since.
20 years next October!  Wow, I’m old.

ANYWAY, Holden asked me to write something about love that maybe involved SF and my love story is kind of with SF because falling in love with it changed my whole life.

So then after I’d been here about 15 years I met this chick from Ireland who moved here and we started going out and whatever and now we’re getting married.  So that’s kind of an SF love story too.  But she’s got her own version of my story about falling in love with a place, and it’s so awesome I asked her to share it and she said yes:

* * *

SHIG/SHIW: I moved here from Ireland when I was 19 and fell in love with SF the very first day. I walked from downtown through Chinatown all the way to Aquatic Park and was just in awe of everything instantly.

Through a cruel joke of fate I spent the first 7 years stuck in the East Bay. I was stuck in a horrible roommate situation in Sausalito, which was much better than the East Bay but still not the City.

heart icon 001One day it jut hit me that I was responsible for changing my life and it needed a complete overhaul. I quit my job of 7 years and started temping in the City, which led to a permanent gig that paid a lot less than my prior job, but this new company was like working at MTV Spring Break with boat parties and boozy lunches, so who needs money, right?

I started dating and meeting new people. I was having a blast and, unbelievably cheesy but true, was really discovering myself at the same time I was discovering SF.

I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship at all, but when I met TK things were just different and we fell into an easy rhythm about the same time the roommate situation took a turn for the horrendous. I was covering his rent and mine, living on Ramen and vodka and trying to convince this guy I really liked that the 6am suicidal calls when we were on dates were NOT in fact from a boyfriend.

One day I came home to find that the roommate had given notice at our apartment complex (he worked there) and we had to be out in 10 days.

With just enough in the bank to cover rent what the hell was I going to do? Where was I going to live? How was I going to live? I was riding the bus to work and fretting while listening to the new Death Cab for Cutie album TK had bought for me.

The bus was sailing along Bridgeway in Sausalito, the sun was rising over the city in that spectacular way it has of highlighting how perfect the city looks and leaving you breathless, “Expo ’86” was reaching this great crashing apex, and all of a sudden the sun burst through the clouds and I just had this amazing sense that everything was just going to be fine.

It would all be fine.

And it was. I moved to SF, I was broke for a while, I walked around the City endlessly and fell in love with it and still marvel that I get to call it home.

Oh, and I also fell in love with TK. We’ve all settled into a routine now and maybe I don’t marvel at the Transamerica Pyramid every day as I pass it, or smile at how TK always does the dishes and takes out the trash without being asked, but you can’t have that kind of wonder surrounding you all the time without it hitting you now and then how amazing it all is.

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