Le Weekend and a New Thing Here


topsecretThe weekend was lovely. I began my TOP SECRET project (I haven’t come up with a good code name yet, suggestions are welcome) which involves me taking on The Man for the good of the people. As in, Si se puede!

I wish I could tell y’all more right now, I really do. But at least until I meet with a lawyer, TOP SECRET it shall remain. What I can say is that an attorney who does not represent me but specializes in these types of issues says I have a good case.

rosieSo I might get to have my very first day in court soon! That may not seem exciting to you, especially if you’ve had to go there, especially as a defendant…but I’m nerdily interested in the legal system (read: naive and hopeful).


Miguel and I went on all kinds of adventures this weekend. We made our yearly pilgrimmage to the Haight (we even ate at the People’s Cafe and now don’t have to go back for another year).

Best: salesman at the smoke shop, “This is for the decoy.”

Worst: hippies on the corner with cardboard sign, “These hippies deserve a beer.” Excuse me? DESERVE? I hate that shit, which is why I don’t go there often, because that shit is everywhere on Haight Street.


Later we went to the terribly awesome 6th Avenue Aquarium (aka Ye Olde Fish Shoppe) to get some NEW FISHIES. We got two Bengai Cardinals and a beautiful striking purple-tipped white anemone for Andy Maroony (the Maroon Clownfish).

The tank’s residents are now:

  • Andy Maroony
  • Ketchup the Shrimp
  • various Turbo Snails (I guess they’re not good enough for naming)
  • mini snails
  • the red hermit crabs
  • the blue hermit crabs
  • Marshmallow, the anemone
  • the Bengais…who haven’t been christened yet


Later we went out on the town because the night-weather was WARM and LOVELY and it’s rarely like that here. We hit Tosca, Adler, a couple of other spots I cannot remember their names, and Cafe Prague.

Walking home through North Beach…my goodness. I guess that drive-by shooting (or maybe post-B2B revelers?) had the cops EVERYWHERE. I swear, in maybe a six-block radius there had to be around three dozen officers. Which, is great. Especially because they were out of their cars and walking a beat.

Maybe I just don’t get out at night in North Beach often enough to judge. Are there always so many cops out?


There is big big news for SF Love Story. We are starting a series of guest bloggers, who’ve all “written” (scare quotes used because some of the stories are photographic/visual) their own love stories for all of us to see!

What we’re about to explore is the idea of love as the ancient Greeks saw it, as four realms and represented in four separate words: agape, eros, philia, and storgē.

Tomorrow we start with philia and a piece by my dear Thalia.

So, come see! And, if you might have a bit of truth or art that you’d like to submit, we’d love to consider it. You can submit by contacting me here.

Ciao, ciao, my loves.

xx – Holden


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