This post has nothing to do with fruit, I am just in a silly mood which I am very happy about, thank you.

I decided this post needed pictures.

I decided this post needed pictures.

Awesome things that happened to me today:

1. A boy I think is grade-A cute thinks I’m cute too. I have proof.

2. I learned that it is going to be sunshiney and warm this weekend. Which is perfecto because I am going to a very special picnic on Sunday. UPDATE: Oops! Picnic hostess informs me said picnic is NEXT Sunday. So I’ll just figure out something else to do with the lovely weather this Sunday, but it will NOT be Bay to Breakers (aka Hetero Pride Parade) because the frat boy element is depressing. I am too cool for that school. Suck it, former Greeks (excluding you, and you over there, of course). Okay, that went on a little too long. NEXT!

3. I scored an invite to a super-duper-extraordinairily-exclusive fashion show (yes I will tell you more about it later). The designer’s gowns especially make me drool, on the real.

4. I saw that guy who rides a giant tricycle with a giant speaker attached on the rear, blasting old-school Michael Jackson.

5. I believe I will be having cake tonight.

Other things of note (aka LINKS to awesomeness):

1. Best crazy Muni story ever.

2. Apparently, all my favorite celebrities* got together and made a movie for me! Thanks, guys!

3. SFLoveStory’s OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT for all the ballot measures in this ridiculous special election Tuesday is NO. N-O. SFAppeal and Greg Dewar pretty much sum up why.

….aaaaaaaaaandddd FIN.



* I’m not that into celebrities, butDaniel Day-Lewis, Penélope Cruz**, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, AND Sophia Loren?! Yah, I’m there.

** Exception to aforementioned “not that into” scenario, always.


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