If You’re Not In the Mood To Go Outside…

Then look at my lovely links!

1. Gavin Newsom gets his ass handed to him by our friend Julie of Tangobaby. She is amazing, and if you haven’t been party to the goings on between her, a homeless mother and The Man, this is a great place to start.

2. Jesus, Muni. Just let the man have his last memorial ride. He worked for you for THIRTY-NINE years. No wonder he and a bunch of other cable car grippers who are boycotting the bell-ringing competition, you straight-up miffed them.

3. Cute.

4. When I grow up, I want to be Dodie Bellamy.

5. Despite their despicable higher-ups, I still love Muni. And Muni Diaries never fails to remind me why. (Hint: Bunnies.)

6. Some of you might be enjoying a very dangerous drug, right now. It’s called tea, and it’s known as the gateway drug to much, much stronger and dangerous stuff. Yah, coffee-drinkers, I am talking to you. And so is Holgarific. Save yourselves before you become one of us.

7. After being re-released into the wild, I re-learn my pickup artistry skillz. Everyone needs a wingman like mine.

8. Oh, and today is the last day of “‘Roid Week” on Flickr. Here is my paltry but cherished collection of Polaroids.

That’s it for now, Lovers. This weekend I’m going to get some bizness done, then either go to a “Miami Vice” themed party (which will be difficult since 90% of my wardrobe is black) and/or something happening in the South Bay. Apparently things, like, actually happen there. Who knew?

xx – Your Girl Holden


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One Response to “If You’re Not In the Mood To Go Outside…”

  1. tangobaby Says:

    Holden, can I put “ass handing” on my resume? I’m looking for new things that might spice up my qualifications a bit. I think that sounds cool.

    Thanks for cracking me up today, and I love being Item #1 on your list.


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