My Silver Fox in Shining Armor?

Kind-of strange thing just happened. I was outside the Financial District building I work in, taking a late lunch break in the arcade area.

I’m on one end of a bench, doing my thing, and mentally-disabled and/or drugged hoboish man talking to himself/me (?) sits down next to me…not all that close. Slightly annoying, not unexpected in the City, and not a huge deal.

I go into IGNORE mode, which I’m quite adept at, and which is a time-tested and proven way of getting on in the urban jungle (except for that one time when some drunkie-guy started grabbing at me and not letting go, which is another story).

So then this rather attractive grey-haired man with a striking resemblance to my Lufthansa boyfriend walks up directly to us and the hobo says immediately,

“Oh, is this your lady?” and real-life Lufthansa guy says,

“Yeah, I was just coming to meet her.”

And the muttering-to-self guy, in a rather polite way, is all,

“Well I don’t wanna mess with anyone’s lady…” and just up and leaves. Lufthansa Twin kind-of messes around with his briefcase for a moment as I look up and thank him, then goes back to the table he was originally at.

Most women I know will get my point immediately.

Sure, it was a nice thing to do. But Lufthansa Twin kinda left me feeling a little, well, damsel-in-distressish. And I do not like feeling that way.

And what’s weirder is that, had he stayed to chat or flirt or whatever, I think I would have felt better.

At least one of you lovlies is thinking, “She’s WAY over-thinking this,” I know…

But is it that I’ve become so hardened by the City that I’m all jaw-droppy and speechless when someone just does something nice and gets a dude to leave me alone…

Or is it that I want to think I’m all tough and whatnot and want everyone else to think that I can obviously handle my own shit…

Or has second-wave feminism screwed me once again?



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4 Responses to “My Silver Fox in Shining Armor?”

  1. amy.leblanc Says:

    to me, it’s more than just the “i don’t need defending!” thing. you weren’t making any “help me!” body language, and you could’ve just gotten up and walked away, so why did he feel the need to get up and come over there? it almost seems like the guy has personal thing about seeing vagrant-types infiltrating the suits-and-dresses – meaning, not so much that he really thought YOU were in trouble, but that he just plain didn’t like that guy being there.

    * * *

    Hello Amy!

    You know, I didn’t really think about that…but the more I think about it, the more it seems plausible. This little area is a total Starbucks/suits haven and anyone who’s not in that “class” sticks out. Perhaps my supposed dreamboat thinks it’s his territory. Blech.

    xx – Holden

  2. steelopus Says:

    Wait, that gentleman was not really your best-guy? He lied to me? Dammit!

  3. Wnorthw Says:

    You’re way out of his league anyways. He probably realized that and lost his nerve to hit on you as he originally intended.

  4. pagecrusher Says:

    I have to agree with Wnorthw. The handsome stranger probably wanted to help you out as a way of breaking the ice, but then he realized his ice pick hadn’t seen action in a few years, and retreated. But I really want to believe he was just being a helpful person without expecting anything in return. Are we so removed from the concept of kind and selfless acts that we doubt the motives behind them this much?

    Oh fuck, this comment is turning into a comic-sans-lettered bumper sticker. Might as well go make myself some “Enlighten” tea and read the latest issue of Western Mandala Monthly. After that, I’ll picket my own hypocrisy, get out of control, then shoot myself in the face with a rubber bullet. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll be reincarnated as a Phish-following maker of dream catchers.

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