Science & Nightlife

Bonjour bonjour. C’est lundi, c’est domage!

The weekend was…weird. Despite my best efforts to remain present and optimistic about, well, everything in my life (post-breakup, broke and a little lost), I encountered a few gut-punches.

Which sucked.

But let’s start with the good stuff.

On Thursday evening I finally went to the new new new California Academy of Sciences for their “Nightlife” thing.

Miguel said it was a scene, so I was expecting lines and look-at-me people and the usual SF scenester thing, but what it is is a mob. And I mean that in a good way.

The museum is huge and it was filled with everyone and their maiden aunt. Young (well, 21+ young), old, here, there, everywhere. No social group was unrepresented. What I’m saying is, the party is not exclusive at all. Refreshing!

Also: the music/DJ was surprisingly good. I certainly haven’t heard that rad of a set in any run-of-the-mill loungey club place recently.

We spent most of the time in the aquariums. Which. Are. Awesome. Miguel noted that a lot of the coral hasn’t had time to really grow and bloom yet, so I think it’ll only get better. But pretty much every fish (both fresh and tropical) you can imagine is there. I liked the eels (Miguel hates them and I think might have a phobia) and super-spiky urchins the best, though the albino alligator is nothing to sneeze at.

Here is my favorite shot from the evening…Venus’ Fly Traps!

The only reason not to go is if you can’t handle crowds (which I sometimes cannot)…oh, and it would be nice if there was more seating throughout, instead of mainly in the cafe/bar area.

So go.


I’m still figuring out which way is up with the other stuff in my life right now…and tried to write it all here…but the post got way too long and I hardly know what I’m ready to share…hell, I hardly know what I think to myself.

And that is why we are ending here.

xx – Holden


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