The Coming Out Party…And General Musings

Did you know I have taken a blogging oath? It’s true. Here, on SFLoveStory, I promise you two things:

1. I will never apologize for not writing “enough”.

2. I will never mention the swine flu. (Except that one time right there).

So ha! Can you feel the freedom? I feel it, and feel like bathing in it.


Since we skipped the Monday Meeting because we are rebels here, I’m going to skip the Tuesday thing, too. Mainly because I don’t remember what it was.

This morning when I went out to walk Prima, there was a giant (as in maybe 6 feet tall) stuffed pink gorilla sitting on the sidewalk with a notebook page stating “Free” taped to his nose. I didn’t know whether to feel sad or happy for this gorilla, so I tried to avoid eye contact. Prima was also quite cautious. She’d never seen anything like that before.

I kinda hope he’s still there when I go home, because I need to photograph him. He could also use a name. But see now I know I’m treading into dangerous waters. If I go ahead and name him, I might as well bring him home with me…and that is not a good idea. There are bed bugs out there, people. And you cannot kill bed bugs. Once you have them, you literally have to move.

No joke.


In case you haven’t stopped by my Flickr to see photos from Saturday night’s Alchemy…they are here.

The night was really nothing less than splendid. The runway show went off without a hitch, and Danielle and Brynna (as well as all the models and designers) were a dream to work with. As well as Miguel, who played my assistant checked out models for the evening.

Aaron surprised me by showing up. Lovely to see him again. Oh, and I met two boys for whom my little heart fluttered!

As D declared it my “coming out party”, I have to say it was a dream to be a belle of the ball…even if I had to take off my perfect pink lipstick to walk the runway.

I don’t have any photographs of the actual show yet, but they’re coming. My darling Warren, master photographer, was there…being back together with Danielle and him…well, I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it.


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