Alchemy Tomorrow Night!

Just saw this in Flavorpill:

Alchemy: Unleash Your Creativity

It’s no surprise that Alchemy won last year’s SF Fashion Award for best event, but this year’s incarnation extends beyond fashion. While a catwalk featuring ten of the most inspired local designers may get you in the door, this is not for the point-and-stare wallflower. Alchemy lives up to its “live-art event” billing with a plethora of participatory features, from juggling and balloon animals to cotton candy, sock puppets, and photo booths. And, lest you fret about boredom with carnival games that sound oh-so-last-century, ponder Alchemy’s carnival 2.0 offerings, including video-feedback challenges, dance-activated musical creations, and reactive multimedia.

– Seiji Carpenter


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