The Fashion Industry Just Cannot DO Without Me

Le sigh. Oh, dahlinks. I’ve been roped back in, it’s true. Kicking and screaming and…

Um…okay obviously not. I lurrrrve it!

My darling Danielle, of the award winning San Francisco fashion collective, Missing Piece, asked me to choreograph and stage-manage the upcoming annual ALCHEMY runway show.

I could barely even talk numbers with D, I was so excited for the opportunity to do a show again.

Here is one of the last shows I choreographed for her, San Francisco Fashion Week (RIP) 2008…which I’m also modeling in (see if you can spot me, I didn’t make my presence important at all!):

So the dynamic fashion duo that is Danielle Cohen and Kristen Holden is back…and you can see the show this Saturday. Details to come!

Eek! Excited!!


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4 Responses to “The Fashion Industry Just Cannot DO Without Me”

  1. brittney Says:


  2. Amedeus Says:

    Congrats … hope you’re having fun with this one … ;-)

  3. amy.leblanc Says:

    awesome. i’ll be there. on the runway. half naked.

  4. tangobaby Says:

    Hey, wait!!!!

    i’m supposed to be there too to do a photo shoot for one of my subjects for my (other) photography blog!! We must find each other… I’m gonna be looking for you.


    And yes, congratulations on your choreography. That sounds very very cool.

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