Monday Meeting!

monday So this is the New Monday Thing! How about that? It’s not too signficant really, just an excuse to use this cool day ticker image.

I was ill most of the weekend, which was absolutely terrible timing, as it was gorgeous outside. Monsieur did manage to pull me out of bed and to Washington Square park on Saturday. We brought Prima, who made it hilarious. She thinks she can jump high enough into the sky to catch pigeons.

the-graduateOh, movies! We watched both The Graduate, which I’ve seen a dozen times and could easily see a dozen more, and a film I’ve been dying to see, Helvetica, which is, yes, all about the typeface, or “font” as you lay-people call them. Plebes.

Anyway, it was good, but not mind-blowingly awesome. I would have liked to see more presentation on what makes a good typeface for longer amounts of copy (like books, poems, etc.) because Helvetica sucks at that.

I continue to be loyal to Garamond (unfortunately not available on WordPress) in print. And I still love Palatino.

Monsieur thinks typophiles are crazy-people. I think it’s crazy not to at least have interest in the shape of one’s words. I mean, I get emotional about it, yes, but some faces are just atrocious and personally offend me.

helveticaOK, we are crazy-people.

Monsieur is taking a six (eight?) week Spanish class, so now we’re trying to communicate en espagnol, with dubious results. Today we chatted and I told him my ears were bothering me still (they are plugged up from the cold) and he wanted to know who was molesting me. It’s messing up my French, I know that much.

Sunday I took naps in the sun and read White Noise and wrote a new poem.

Hope you are enjoying my poem series. I’m looking forward to posting part III.


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  1. cello85 Says:

    oh ive seen helvetica, i had to watch it in one of my college classes (im a graphic designer so it comes with the territory). Anyone interested in design of any kind will really enjoy this film; the direction is smart, the music is pitch perfect and the subject couldn’t be more esoteric.

    * * *

    Hello cello85,

    You are right. I shouldn’t have been quite so flippant in my “review”. Helvetica is a very well-made documentary, with hilarious characters, and would appeal, as you say, to anyone interested in design or aesthetics or just “culture”.

    I think I’m just selfish and wanted that 80 minute film to be a series of films constituting twelve hours of typographical love. Sigh.

    But yes, it is cute and well executed.

    xx – Holden

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