The Benefits of Teaching Your Mum How to IM

freddie-mercury-queen-photograph-c12147741My mum: hi love

me: hi mum

My mum: how are you doing today? who is Freddie Mercury?

me: [incredulous she doesn’t know / forgot who Queen was, guess that was my dad’s album I stole] i am good today! freddie mercury was the lead singer of the band Queen. he was awesome

My mum: WAS?

me: yeah…he died of AIDS-related illness in the 80s :(

My mum: why do you feel like him today

me: [Thinking oh shit, where is she going with this?] because i feel good. like a rockstar. lol

My mum: you rock


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  1. lisey Says:

    [this is awesome]

    she’s right you rock!

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