A Rough Poem-Thing 3

Poem 3

An hourglass, shaped a carp pond
The Quiet, Baby. Some advice
was to travel light; I extend
my arms out, up behind-around.

I can’t quite embrace anyone
but maybe the whole world

and that is awful, awfully lonely.

We’d gone to green ruins, well actually
I’d gone without you this being

right it’s April, it’s not November,
I’m already here

The pinkish seaweed. A sight
button gets pushed and feels wrong

or familiar
I took a photograph of a girl

from Beijing. Her name is Mimi
and the shots came out blurry

and of no use to anyone
Mimi could not believe you

wouldn’t know where I was
It’s pretty famous, she told me

Now you are sick and will not see
a doctor and wrestle with your own body

I keep noting nothing if not all the
implications, and still, and still grey

and still grey, grey and mean

It asks me how long, not if, you are
willing to be in pain, and asks especially

when there is no end you see
I am the girl you believed in

por nada



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  1. Amedeus Says:

    This is why I keep coming back and read your blog … you are awesome …


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