Some Links For Your Morning Mourning

What has interested me recently:

1. Just in case you forgot, there are some truly badass Muni drivers out there. If only their union didn’t act like such a big asshole, maybe they’d get more recognition. But it’s Greg Dewar over at N-Judah Chronicles that has an in-depth, personal and interesting look at our relationship, as “Muni riders” with the system and its employees. It’s a good read about community any way you slice it.

2. Who got their hands on the lemmon poppyseed muffins at our favorite Frenchman’s petite amuse bouche stand? How were they? I just love this guy. Thanks to Allan at Mission Mission for throwing biz his way.

3. You may have heard about the Boycott Jamaica plan. I, even as a member of the LGBTQ community, am pretty skeptical about how it’s going down, and said as much on Michael Petrelis’ Petrilis Files. Read about the sitch and please let me know what you think. There’s going to be more of this discussion to come here at SFLoveStory, especially with this:

4. Iraqi Gays Scheduled For Execution This Week. Thank you to Brock at SFist for bringing this to our attention. I’ve seen nothing in the mainstream media (of course, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised). It is horrifying. And what is the U.S. doing about it? Looks like pretty much nada. The UK? The UN? Is anyone going to stop these murders?

5. I’m not going to end on a depression-incuding note, so here is a rather glorious little film, “Please Say Something” that tiny gigantic caught for us to marvel.

* * *

Let’s think today. Let’s make better mistakes, okay?


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