The Yesterday Notes for Poem

Yesterday was A Day, as I’ll say sometimes. I did go so far as to anthropomorphize a roller coaster. In retrospect, it was a misanthropomorphization. It should have been El Corazón.

Besides the heartbreak, Nancy and my friend’s mother died, of cancer, yesterday. I’m worried about another friend of mine who is depressed. I’ve found a new girlfriend who is becoming another sister, a beautiful and hilarious and crazysmartypants woman.

But anyway, after I was finished secretarying, it struck me how free I was in the City. I didn’t have to go home.

So I walked around, toward the sunset and ended up at Cafe de la Presse in a fury of notes. I’d just read my dearest Bryant‘s new poem.

I so wish I could share it with you here, but he’s for real and so we’ll have to wait until its published. And when it is, I’m just going to surreptitiously link to it and him and his books with his real name, and without mentioning any of this stuff and you probably won’t make the connection, but that’s life in the Big City.

Anyway. I’m suggesting to him a few edits, but this is what I first told him yesterday,

Your poem is relieving my heart. Its aching is letting my aching rest.

A gathering storm.

He said,

Free is nice.

I said,

Ack, the feeling is fleeting, but luckily, so is its opposite.

Which is true.

And now I have to get back to the notes.


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