My Mother: On Sex & Drugs

I adore my mother.

Nancy just sent me this little text exchange. Note that neither Nancy or myself smoke pot (I used to smoke a lot of pot, Nancy never got into it. That’s what happens when I go to UC Santa Cruz and she goes to Southern Methodist University.)

Anyway, Nancy tells me,

“So [redacted] asked me if i would ever smoke a joint with him ’cause I told him I was getting high from this superglue junk I am using.*  I said doubtful but then said my mom probably would. So I wanted to do an experiment and see what she would say. So I texted her…”

Nancy: would you ever smoke a joint with me?

Our mum: yes but i would not let you sleep with someone other than your husband in my house

Nancy: That was just an experiment i wanted to see what you would say. You are funny!  But how does having a boy sleep with me have anything to do with that? so random

Our mum: nothing to do with that.  Just to show you I have morals

She is so fucking Ukrainian it kills me.

* Also, Nancy doesn’t sniff glue, like, on purpose. She is making a photo album for her friend’s birthday…though, come to think of it, she does do a lot of crafty things involving adhesive…


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