Some Sunday Links

I like to share.

1. Tomorrow night there’s a free screening of Milk (which I finally finally saw last night and bawled my eyes out) at the Independent. SFist has deets.

2. I make lists of just about everything. Most people make lists of things they’re going to-do. Saviabella has made a Fuck It List of things she officially is giving up on. You will totally see my own version here soon, because it’s brilliant. Let me know when you make yours.

3. You think health care in America is bad? My friend likes to say that it’s “nothing less than a state of emergency”. Just wait until you read Voenix Rising‘s tale of hospital incompetence. The kicker? The hospital effing him and his ailing mother over is the same one at which he is employed.


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  1. saviabella Says:

    Thanks for the link, lady. I’m glad you liked the list!

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