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We like to read. San Francisco spends the more money on books (and booze) than any other U.S. city. For real.

Obviously you’re buying your books at independent bookstores, like the venerable institution that is City Lights.

And if you’re buying books at City Lights, you might just be buying books published by one of the many, awesome small presses in the Bay Area.

And if you’re doing that, then you just might know about Small Press Distribution.


Well, then you should come to this poetry reading at City Lights hosted by Laura Moriarty (the director of SPD).

No annoucements as to who’s reading yet, but it could be any number of the living legends of verse (OMG did I really just write that, ew) who write and publish in SF. My fingers are crossed for an appearance by Kevin Killian, because he is special.

Poetry Reading

Actual Live Poets!*

Wednesday, March 18

City Lights

7:00 pm

Free (as always)

* Most of whom I’m sure are also actually good poets.


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