I’m not a big rah-rah fan of dichotomies. However, I came upon this and it seems true enough…

The opposite of love is indifference, and the opposite of happiness is boredom…

Eh? What say you?


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One Response to “Opposites”

  1. califmom Says:

    I think indifference can make love feel like it’s gone, but after almost 20 years of loving the same person, I know better.

    Indifference left unfettered can give love the space to die, but it can also provide the opportunity for love to renew, deepen, become something different, better, and stronger.

    I think it can even happen in tandem with love, alongside it, if you will.

    * * *
    Wow, califmom. I would have never thought of it that way. But now that I read your words, I’m reminded again of this prayer I read to Jack this morning. It was a prayer of Mother Theresa’s, and I found it in Dave Eggers’ “What is the What”…

    …it is only by frequent deaths of ourselves and our self-centered desires that we can come to live more fully…

    So, putting these two things together…that indifference makes a space for love to die, might mean it follows that it makes a space for it to grow and thrive in a new life (?)

    I thank you for your wisdom.

    xx – Holden

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