Where I Have Been Here

I am in Baja California Sur. It is a vacation with my mum and sister Nancy.

Everything has been luxurious and relaxing.

Except that, now that I have been poor, I am finding it more difficult to enjoy the luxury. I have not paid for this trip. My mum bought me a plane ticket to San Jose del Cabo with miles, and the spa we are staying at, Pueblo Bonito Sunset, the suite is owned by my parents.

So I feel some anxiety about not earning any of this, which is well, new for me. Some guilt, again.

I also know that when I return to San Francisco, I have many bills to pay and barely enough to pay them. I’m trying to forget this, at least for now while I lie on a four poster bed in the middle of a pristine beach.

Adding, I think, to this strangeness of a double-world, is that I am finally reading Dave Eggers’ What is the What. And that my “poor in San Francisco” is still ultimate luxury.

I used to be very good at vacations.

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  1. amy.leblanc Says:

    someone not 10 minutes ago recommended that i read that Eggers book, because i just watched “God Grew Tired of Us”, which is an excellent documentary I highly recommend.

    i used to be good at vacations too; now i am the same as you.

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