Listography: My Character Flaws

I prefer to think of mine as "inclusions".

I prefer to think of mine as "inclusions".

Holy shit. Is this lady serious? And if she is, I bet you dollars to donuts she’s one of us. Or she at least knows one of us. Because who really says “character flaws” outside of the rooms? No one, that’s who.

I think I actually have my AA step work saved somewheres on this here computer, but I just did this from the hip…

  1. Sometimes I can be selfish. – You know what’s tough? That part of your life when you’re trying to figure out the difference between caring for yourself and being selfish. I screw up on this sometimes.
  2. I also sometimes set unnecessary expectations.
  3. I try to get rid of them ASAP, but yes, I sometimes have resentments.
  4. Hiding. – There are time when I just don’t know how to deal, or can’t deal, or am just overwhelmed. So I hide. Sometimes this means sleeping. Sometimes this means the agoraphobia kicks in and I pretty much cannot leave my apartment. Sometimes it just means putting the “invisible” status on my Gmail IM thingy.
  5. Impatience. – As in, can I have that yesterday?
  6. Vanity. – This flaw, however, was totally profitable during my modeling days. I will never forget when I first showed my dad my book, “Modeling, huh? Well, you always have been a little vain.” This was when he was in rehab, so I let it slide. I love you Dad, you know it.
  7. Fear. – Mostly that people won’t like me, or that they won’t like me and I’ll care, or that they’ll think I’m crazy in the not-good-way. Or that I’ll have a panic attack and die. That sort of thing.

I’m sure the lovely people who know and adore me* can add to this list, but lest I dissolve into a mess of self-hatred, and curl up into a sobbing little ball of mascara and empty truffle wrappers, I’m gonna quit it here.

*Hey, I did list vanity.


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One Response to “Listography: My Character Flaws”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I’m right with you on the first one. It’s really hard to find that balance of doing what you need to do for yourself with considering other people’s feelings and yet somehow not taking responsibility for their feelings. Sometimes that makes me want to hide!

    Admitting your flaws in a public forum is really brave so add bravery to the list of positive traits that you’ve got!

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