Listography: My Past Lovers

When I first made this list, I was putting boyfriends and girlfriends on it…which isn’t really what’s being asked for…I mean, not that a lover can’t turn into a more serious, committed relationship, but I thought it would be more fun to list the true “lovers”, paramours, one or two night stands and summer romances.

  1. Mary – an on-again, off-again romance that lasted through college, we’re still friends and she’s rad
  2. Carmen – my first secret love
  3. John – nothing special, a one-night stand that turned into a date
  4. Dick – a true romance, we escaped to Paris together on a whim
  5. my Spanish literature professor – yes, I got an A
  6. the TA of my Spanish literature professor – UC Santa Cruz is a bit of a crazy place, at least when I was there
  7. the DA – I think I’ve mentioned him before…I ended up liking his motorcycle more than him
  8. the JD who turned into a stalker – would rather forget this one
  9. Angelina – another paramour I’d chalk up to the free love days of UCSC
  10. Nichole – fond memories, sweet dates, nothing too serious
  11. Christopher – a friend with benefits
  12. Monsieur – now that I think of him as, like, my brother, this seems a little “ew”
  13. Chuck – one night, camping, oops

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