LoveStory Links for Saturday!

Happy Valentine’s Day SF Love Story Readers!

I rally rally love you.

So, the links:


I am in love with The Bloggess. You may know this already. She makes my days happier, seriously. And I’m not quite sure how she manages to do it, but the lady knocks ’em out of the park every week. Two posts this week that made me chortle. (Any excuse to use that word, right? I know it’s nerdy. OK, I’ve been ODing on Scrabble this week on my iPhone. Wow, I’m not making this any better, am I?)


Pop quiz for those who heart the San Francisco DPT: Can you repurpose a three-wheel meter maid cart as your own personal mode of transportation? Your answer awaits at The San Francisco Citizen.


ZOMG. Awwwww, yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah! I actually think he is not kidding. The K. Silem Mohammad has officially renounced Flarf. If you don’t know what Flarf is, and especially if you’re an electron microscopist/engineer/botanist/science-type-guy, you probably don’t even want to find out because it is apparently now dead and you have nothing to worry your pretty little head about.

But if you do know, hooray (right?)! From Mohammad’s own blog, {LIME TREE}.


In case you forgot what ridiculously good-looking poetry looks like (not to say Mohammad’s own Flarf wasn’t really really good-looking), then off with you to Belladodie, where Dodie shares some Robin Blaser. And prayers to him and his family during what we hear is a time of ill health.


If you’re a graphic designer, or went to “art school” or whatever. This might be really funny to you:


It’s a design company naming MACHINE! Click on the image to see it in action. Via from the aeron.

Oh, and by the way, I get dibs on the fictitious business statement for Flying Dog Interactive.


This isn’t a link, it’s a photograph.


And how awesome is that? Eh? I saw it at my new favorite blog, Muni Diaries.

And there you have it. Cream of the crop. Enjoy!


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  1. Jack Says:

    Just a hunch, I don’t think that an absence of flarf knowledge is restricted to “electron microscopist/engineer/botanist/scientist type people”

  2. San Francisco is Sexy » Blog Archive » Sunday’s Sexy San Francisco Link Love Says:

    […] Belladodie blog. I just got turned on to the blog for this local author thanks to a link from SF Love Story. […]

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