Hola From Portugal!

Okay, I’m not really in Portugal. But Audrey was, and I just got a postcard from her today!


Coolest postcard, ever, right? I love how they come right out and say “This is our Propaganda!” Well, that probably translates to something maybe less Mao-ish from Portuguese, but I still think it’s hilarious.

And also, notice how only the important cities are on the card? Because, really, who actually has a desire to go to LA?


I miss you too, lil’ sis.

I think this counts as my first official Valentine.


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One Response to “Hola From Portugal!”

  1. TK Says:


    I love the fact that she describes the people as “spunkier”! (That does say “spunkier,” right?) I’m picturing like a whole city full of relentlessly cheerful student-government types.

    I want to go to Portugal real bad.

    * * *

    Hi TK!

    Yah, she totally says “spunkier”. I think she’s more referring to the Lisbon people (Lisbonese? Lisbonites?) than the students. But I think spunkiness is contagious, no?

    xx – Holden

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