Listography: My Best Purchases

  1. My big ol’ quartz and diamond cocktail ring – The first “real” piece of jewelry I ever bought for myself, and to celebrate my success (not that I don’t think I’m successful now, but this was years ago when I had a nice amount of expendable income from commercial real estate asset management)
  2. My Celine handbag – I feel sort of silly putting this here, but come on! It’s an investment handbag.
  3. A MUNI FastPass every month
  4. A webcam to chat with Audrey in Spain – I honestly feel like we’ve become closer since she started her semester abroad.
  5. A really good mattress – You spend a third of your life in bed, after all.
  6. My iPhone
  7. A siphon coffee maker

OK people, ‘fess up. What were your best purchases?


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2 Responses to “Listography: My Best Purchases”

  1. tk Says:

    Great question. I’m not a big “thing” person, so a lot of my best purchases were intangible things like trips to Hawaii and Ireland. As far as tangible goods go, my acoustic-electric guitar, my iPod, my car, and my dog. I’m getting an iPhone next month, I think, so I may have a new one then.

  2. Dwayne Says:

    1) My Dog, who was not really a purchase so much as a required donation to the shelter I adopted him from)
    2) An Apple iMac in 1999 or 2000… got me started on a career path…
    3) An old car I purchased recently so I can take aforementioned dog to the beach on the weekends without bumming rides from friends…
    4) A plane ticket to San Francisco in 2007 so I could get to a job interview that resulted in my moving here…
    5) An old school 35mm Canon SLR camera, despite the fact I hardly use it anymore…
    6) Countless cups of coffee and packs of cigarettes over the years, to keep me sane and productive…
    7) An acoustic guitar bought with savings from a paper route when I was 13…

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