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So, the BIG BIG NEWS in San Francisco this week was (sit down for this): American Apparel wants to open a store on Valencia Street! The horror! The horror!

I’m just going to go with the big cheese on this one and give ya the SFist link that ends the tale:

Scenes from American Apparel Meeting at City Hall 2/5

You will learn that the hipsters won (or lost?) and there will be no AmAp (sorry I can’t call it AA because there are just way to many of those places ’round the Mission) store on Valencia.

But it’s all about the photos. Seriously, what is wrong with these children?

Exhibit A:

Steven Rhodes

photo: Steven Rhodes

Sunglasses. In City Hall. During the day. Apparently the woman these two douchebags were speaking with at one point actually asked them to remove their shades, to which I say FANTASTIC.

Jack and I have been trying to come up with a theory about women’s sunglasses. When will they get too big? What is the fine line between the Jackie O and those plastic clown glasses? We decided that a mathematical formulae would be difficult, as there are so many factors (age, race, height, bubble-ness of face, entire look, etc.) But they are getting too big, girls. Don’t you have faces?

And here, Exhibit B:

Steve Rhodes

photo: Steve Rhodes

Jesus, la Jesus. I like hats. We all like hats. Hats are cute and fun accessories. But just because it’s not really the era of the hat doesn’t mean you can just go into City Hall and not take off your hat. I thought Britney Spears ruined the fedora, but this dude is really just not helping.

Okay, so enough of that. You can see more at the link above.

Here are some links that are probably more worthy of your time…

  1. How you cannot love the Blogger Queen is beyond. Her story this week, The Honeymoon is Over, nearly made me weep. Oh, commited relationships. Oh, how they take work. This is a real Love Story Story.
  2. You know I love letterpress. Here is Letterpress Love (i.e. Valentines!) over at How Blog.
  3. If you like Overheard in New York, but you live in San Francisco, the Dialog Blog is for you. Check it. Hilarious.
  4. You might be asking yourself, What is this Inca Cola that everyone is talking about, and where can I get some? Okay, well that’s what I am asking myself. More proof that you don’t have to drink alcohol to have super special cocktails at I’ll Flip You. I’ll Flip You For Real.
  5. Another day, another meme. I guess those kids over at Facebook have caught onto what was previously reserved for Twitter and bloggers. It’s 25 Things now. But poet and awesomenessperson Dodie Bellamy did hers on her blog, which I’m very thankful for, as I stay away from FB. Let’s all go read it and then give her a big e-hug. Or something. Dodie, please do not despair. I love you, and the sound of your laugh is enchanting.

Bonne weekend, bonne chance! xx – Holden


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