Holy Moly, It’s V-Day In ONE WEEK And You Have No Idea What To Do

Lucky for you I have Valentine solutions for both those in love, and those in love with themselves.

So V is for Valentine. But it’s also for Vah-shion, dahlink.

The Lovesick Lingerie Fashion Show happens on February 14th. Hotness. Yes.


The runway lingerie show is Alexandria von Brommsen’s collection. Alexandria is pretty much a cuckoo-head (which you must love), and her work is quite splendid.

Also featured will be Amy Fink’s designs. Of any designer I met during my modeling days, I have to say that Fink is one of maybe two that truly has the right stuff. The tailoring is impeccable and everything she does has beautifully clean lines and understated construction.

So! Here’s what you do:

  1. Be at least 21 years old.
  2. Buy your very nicely affordable $15 tickets at brownpapertickets.com or be kind-of lazy about it and pay $20 at the door.
  3. Show up on Valentine’s Day at Dekker / Muse Studio (224 6th Street…yeah, don’t walk there alone unless you’re a total badass) at 9:30pm.
  4. If any of this is confusing because you’re imagining hot models in lingerie, or your hot little self in lingerie, check out the details here.


Chocolate, Please!

Tomorrow at Fog City News (1st and Market Streets)…

Michael Mischer, Friday, Feb 6, Noon-2pm
“Handmade” and “small batch” and “local” seem to be the buzz words in the food world these days. But I cannot emphasize enough how rare someone like Michael Mischer is in the chocolate world.

In the back of his tiny Oakland boutique, he makes all his truffles, bars, and gift items himself. Just him. No assistants. No production team. Not even adorable little old ladies tying bows off in the corner.

It is almost unheard of in the chocolate business. But Michael’s attitude is that it’s his name on it and he wants it done right.
Ladies and gentlemen, Michael is the very definition of an artisan. He has created a 16-piece Keepsake Heart Box that is really something special for Valentines Day. Designed by Oakland artist, Audrey Daniels, each of these gold boxes is embellished with 1920s-era Valentines cards and no two are alike! This is a great opportunity for a preview tasting of his swoon-inducing truffles!
So, that’s awesome…but wait, there’s more! On Tuesday…
John Scharffenberger (Yes, THE John Scharffenberger), Tuesday, Feb 10, Noon-2pm

John will be signing copies of his book, “The Essence of Chocolate” which is a wonderful collection of recipes and recounts the story of how Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker began (literally in Robert Steinberg’s home kitchen) – and changed the chocolate culture in America forever!

John will also discuss a new book he is working on (in his post-Hershey’s life).

There will be samples of bars as well as maybe a recipe or two whipped up by Fog City News owner Mr. Adam Smith (proving that if a monkey like him can whip up one of these recipes halfway decently just imagine what a super star pastry chef your friends will think YOU are when you try your hand at them).

xoxo to you all!


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