Sick As A Dog

Good morning. A nice hellish start here.

I woke up to my poor little pup, Prima, vomiting like crazy, and her head an ears are all hot (fever).

I fed her some rice and gave her a lukewarm bath, but she’s still looking a bit ill.

Of course, today is the day that Jack and I are supposed to go out to Tracy to visit some friends (and learn how to make quilts). I really want to scream because I don’t know if I should go and leave Prima alone.

What really sucks is that I can’t take her to the vet because, frankly, I don’t have any money to pay them. I did give them a call and they said all I can really do is feed her rice and monitor her for 12-24 hours.

So, basically, I’m feeling massive amounts of guilt right now.

But, one the “bright” side, I have more time to work on the Favor Company budget! W00t.

UPDATE: This is why I heart my BFF…

Monsieur: bummer. whats going on with prima ballerina. i think she’s faking. probably looking for attention

me: fever, vomiting. well, she’s getting it
Monsieur: that stuff can all be faked
me: lmao. you are awesome

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